Mark DiMassimo

Chief, DiMassimo Goldstein – Chair, Creative Development Board, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.

No one wants to deal with a crisis, but Jon Elsen and Elsen Strategies make being prepared for a crisis and successfully navigating a crisis something like a pleasure! Seriously, in my experience there is no one better than Jon Elsen and Elsen Strategies to help any business communicate skillfully through a crisis, as well as provide crisis preparedness, crisis-communications training, press relations in crisis, and all things crisis management. Jon Elsen knows the media because he was the media, and at the highest level. He then learned crisis management from the best in the business, and then became the best in the business. There’s no one I’d rather have with me in a crisis than Jon Elsen and Elsen Strategies.

Chris O’Rourke

VP – Legal and General Counsel at Moet Hennessy USA, Inc.

I’ve worked closely with Jon on several crisis communications issues, often involving social media events with the potential to adversely impact a brand’s reputation. Jon is an expert in crisis management and communications. He provides thoughtful, timely and practical advice, and helped guide us successfully through each event. Jon has a great demeanor, and knows well how to deal with company management teams. He was a valued partner in each instance. Jon is one of the best that I have worked with and I highly recommend him.

Monique Skruzny

CEO, InspIR Group – Strategic Storytelling with Investor Relations.

Jon has worked closely on several client engagements, through developing both on-point crisis communications materials, as well as advising and training management during high-pressure situations. He has a demeanor that can help diffuse tense situations, is always available, and is a pleasure to work with. Jon has domestic and international experience, and can effortlessly adjust to different cultural situations. We’ve run crisis workshops together for large groups of CFOs and IR teams that he has handled extremely well. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Jon again.